Vocabulary: parts of the house

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Do you know the different parts of the home? In every country the homes have distinct characteristics. In Spain, for example, the typical place to live is an apartment, i.e. an apartment in a building with various floors.

In this video you can learn the vocabulary related to Spanish apartments and their main characteristics. This vocabulary ranges from level A1 to A2. It contains the following terms:

El baño (bathroom)
El aseo (toilet)
El cuarto de lavado (laundry room)
La entrada (doorway)
La cocina (kitchen)
El comedor (dining room)
El garaje (garage)
El trastero (store-room)
El balcón/terraza (balcony/rooftop)
El salón (living room)
La oficina (office)
El dormitorio pequeño/habitación simple (small bedroom/single room)
El dormitorio de matrimonio/ habitación doble (main bedroom/double room)
El pasillo (corridor)

At the end of the video you’ll find an infographic where you can go over the vocabulary once more. Just pause the video and take notes if necessary. Subtitles are available in German, English and Spanish to help you understand everything.

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