Hi there! Welcome to my online Spanish language school.

I’m Vanesa, and I’m a Spanish teacher

I started my path as Spanish teacher more than 17 years ago, however, I started teaching online lessons in 2016. Since then, I was able to help lots of students to prepare for their official exams and to achieve the Spanish level they need.

Through my experience, my lessons are dynamic, professional and adapted to each student’s needs.

My training

I have an M.A. in Anglistics and a master’s degree in English-Spanish translation, both obtained from the University of Alicante.

I complemented my studies with two stays abroad: one year at the University of Limerick (Ireland) and another semester at the University of Constance (Germany).

Afterward, I took a continuing education course from the University of Alicante and the Instituto Cervantes and got certified as a teacher for Spanish as a foreign language (E.L.E.).

Professional experience

From 2005 to 2009 I was working as Spanish teacher in Germany and Switzerland.

During this time I taught Spanish for adults from A1 to C1 levels as well as DELE exam preparation courses and conversation classes at various language schools and continuing education institutions.

Back in Spain I started my own business in 2015 as Spanish and English teacher as well as translator for English/German into Spanish.

I’ll show you the way

I know perfectly well the challenges you have to face when learning a new language. I myself once was a language student and had to go through the learning process of a new language.

I studied and/or worked in England, Germany, Switzerland and Ireland. Therefore I know exactly how trying it is to learn a new language. However, I also know how satisfying it is when finally you start understanding and speaking the language you put so much effort in.

I can motivate and help you to reach that point!

How would you like to learn Spanish?