Learn how to talk about the weather

Video lesson + interactive exercises

Do you know how to talk about the weather in Spanish? Talking about the weather is one of the most popular topics to start a conversation. Do you already know the basic questions and answers to topic? No? Well, then have a look at this video.

In this video you can learn the vocabulary related to the weather as well as the main questions and answers. This vocabulary ranges from level A1 to A2. It contains, among others, the following terms:

La lluvia (rain)
El viento (wind)
El granizo (hail)
La nieve (snow)
Las nubes (clouds)
El sol (sun)
El frío (the cold)
El calor (the heat)
La tormenta (thunderstorm)
Hace frío (It’s cold)
Está nublado (It’s cloudy)
Hace viento (It’s windy)
Hace un tiempo muy malo. (The weather is very bad)

At the end of the video you’ll find an infographic where you can go over the vocabulary once more. Just pause the video and take notes if necessary. Subtitles are available in German, English and Spanish to help you understand everything.

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Title page picture: Photo by Wim van ‘t Einde on Unsplash