Definite and indefinite articles

Video lesson + interactive exercises

Did you ever have problems when you had to choose between a definite and an indefinite article?

In Spanish there are four definite articles and four indefinite ones. This is not the same for all languages, hence, there are students that find this topic quite difficult while to others it seems very easy. All depends on your mother tongue. So don’t get discouraged if one of your classmates from Spanish class considers the articles extremely easy, because it might just be that in his native language they are practically the same. The Spanish articles are as follows:

Definite articles

Indefinite articles

In this video you can learn when to use one, and when the other. This video is intended for beginner’s levels (A1), so if you’re already more advanced chances are that you know more forms of application than the ones explained here.

At the end of the video you’ll find an infographic. Just pause the video, read it thoroughly and take notes if necessary.

I hope you’ll find it helpful!

interactive exercises

Photo by Steinar Engeland on Unsplash