The dish “Gazpachos a la marinera”

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Today we’ll talk about a gastronomic topic. I would like you to get to know a typical Sunday dish. Gazpachos a la marinera (also called Gazpacho Marinero) are a traditional dish of the Region of Valencia and it’s eaten a lot in the Alicante province.
The word “marinero” (seaman) already suggests that it’s a dish that includes seafood. And that’s true. Here in Alicante we have the sea right at our doorstep and this gazpacho is made with fish, prawns, calamari and a delicious fish broth. Al those ingredients together with tortas de pan create a delicious plate.

But I’m sure that the word gazpacho already sounds familiar to you. “Gazpacho andaluz” has become quite popular outside of Spain. This is a cold vegetable soup that is made with cucumber, tomato, onion, garlic, etc. and therefore is very different from the gazpacho we are talking about here.

Gazpachos a la marinera are cooked in a caldero. The caldero is a traditional Spanish cauldron. It’s deep, black and made out of metal. Gazpacho is a hot dish, however, we usually eat it all year round. One of the characteristic ingredients we use is the torta de pan.

What is a torta de pan? Torta de pan for gazpachos is a very thin and crunchy bread that is made with only flour, water and salt. Since there’s no yeast in it, it doesn’t rise, and therefore becomes flat and thin. These tortas are crunchy and they become soft and juicy inside the broth. And here’s the recipe!


You’ll need the following ingredients (4 persons):

  • 300 g fresh cod
  • 150 g king prawns or prawns
  • 150 g calamari
  • 1 small onion
  • 1 liter fish broth
  • 1 torta de pan (approx. 400 g)
  • Spices: black pepper, cloves, pebrella, thyme, nutmeg
  • olive oil

Let’s prepare it!

  1. Cut the cod in little pieces and coat it in seasoned flour. Afterwards, fry it in oil.
  2. Once they have turned a golden brown color, take them out and let them drain on a paper towel. Put them aside until the end.
  3. Cut the onion in very small pieces and put it in the cauldron.
  4. Cut the calamari in little pieces and peal the prawns.
  5. Put everything in the cauldron and sauté with olive oil.
  6. Add the spices (you can use different spices, depending on your taste) and mix thoroughly.
  7. Pour in the fish broth and bring it to a boil.
  8. Once it’s boiling, add the torta de pan in pieces.
  9. Let it simmer on medium heat until the torta is soft.
  10. Once it’s soft, switch of the heat and add the cod pieces. Mix everything thoroughly and enjoy.

This dish is delicious in winter as in summer. The cod can be substituted with any other type of white fish. Be sure to try it out!

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