Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day, also called Lover’s Day, is celebrated in Spain on February 14 every year. February 14 is the commemorative day of Saint Valentine in the Roman Martyrology of the Catholic Church. He’s the patron saint of all people in love.

The celebration of this day has its origin in this saint and his deeds. However, nowadays this date has a much more cheerful (1) meaning in addition to being more (2) worldly, at least here in Spain. This day is celebrated in many European countries as well as on other continents, even if the name of this celebration and the customs vary among them.

Is Valentine’s Day popular in Spain?

When February 14 approaches, you can see hearts (3) spreading in the shop-windows, on Internet search engines, on product packaging, and so on. It’s a day impossible to avoid because of its romantic and commercial character. But is it popular among the general public? Well, it has its (4) advocates and its (5) opponents.

It’s a date you either love or don’t want to hear anything about. Some people like Valentine’s Day because they find it very romantic. They are looking forward to making or receiving gifts, going out for dinner, celebrating with friends or going on a (6) romantic getaway, etc. In short, they find this day great. On the other hand, there are people that think of this day as purely commercial and not romantic at all because they get the sensation that you have to proof your (7) affection or love for someone and are obliged to make gifts or be original either way. However, it can be said that in general, it’s popular and many people celebrate it.

How do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

The most common thing is to give (8) a little something i.e. something that shows your (9) fondness, like for example flowers or pralines. These are the most typical presents for a man to give to a woman. But children also make some handicrafts like cards for their parents on Valentine’s Day. Those are the little somethings. But some people like to celebrate it much more, like going out for dinner with their partner to a special restaurant, going on a romantic getaway for a weekend or making gifts that are much more expensive like jewelry, watches or the like. Ultimately, it’s a matter of preferences and there are endless options to enjoy and to surprise your partner during this day.

Valentine’s Day in Catalonia

In Catalonia, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on Día de Sant Jordi (Saint George’s Day). On April 23 people gift a rose and a book in celebration of World Book Day as well as the Day of Love. People stroll through the streets in which little book booths are put up. In addition, various cultural activities take place.


  1. meaning: cariz; apariencia o aspecto que tiene algo.
  2. worldly: laico; no religioso.
  3. to spread: proliferar; algo que se reproduce muchas veces.
  4. advocate: defensor; persona que defiende un punto de vista.
  5. opponent: detractor; persona que está en contra de un punto de vista.
  6. romantic getaway: escapada romántica; viaje corto en pareja de ambiente romántico.
  7. affection: cariño; afecto y amor hacia alguien.
  8. a little something: detalle; en este contexto, regalo pequeño.
  9. fondness: afecto; amor y cariño hacia alguien.


Picture 01: Photo by SJ . on Unsplash