Popular alcoholic beverages in Spain

Spain has a great gastronomy, which includes many beverages that are truly delicious. We are renowned for our great wines. Spanish wines are sold throughout the world and are highly valued. However, that’s not the only alcoholic beverage we produce There’s also cava, sidra, and all kinds of liqueur  to enjoy, like for example orujo, herbero, pacharán and many more. Do they sound familiar? No? Then listen to the podcast and discover them all.

Now, I’m sure you already heard about sangria, right? Well, here I’m not only going to tell you about this drink, but about its cousin tinto de verano as well, which is much more popular among Spanish people when we go out in summer to sit on a terrace and have some tapas with friends or family and enjoy the good weather.

Listen to the podcast, practice your Spanish, learn new vocabulary and in addition, discover new things about Spain. Have fun!

Here you have the podcast to listen to

These are the topics I’m going to talk about in today’s podcast:

1. Introduction
2. What are you going to learn?
3. Wine
4. Sangria
5. Tinto de verano
6. Cava
7. Sidra
8. Vermouth
9. Liqueur: what is that?
10. Orujo
11. Pacharán
12. Herbero
13. Licor 43
14. When do we drink liqueur?
15. Goodbye

And here you have the transcript together with a list of the most important vocabulary plus its description:

Transcript and vocabulary of podcast 23 – Popular alcoholic beverages in Spain

Includes the download of a PDF file with the following content:
  • Transcript of podcast 23 – Bebidas populares en España
  • list of the vocabulary with explanation in Spanish and space for your own language