Elections in Spain

This May it is my turn to vote! In two different elections! At least they are on the same day and I can cast my vote for both at the same moment. This is also the reason why I thought that telling you in a simple way about how we vote in Spain would be an interesting way of showing you the specific vocabulary that is used during election times.
Do the Spanish words “urna” (ballot box), “jornada de reflexión” (election silence), “escaño” (seat) or “papeleta” (ballot) seem familiar to you? No? Don’t worry if you never heard of them, because they are not everyday words. However, during election time you will hear them a lot. Listen to the podcast to learn them and many more.

Here you have the podcast to listen to

These are the topics I’m going to talk about in today’s podcast:

1. My upcoming elections
2. What elections are there in Spain?
3. Who can vote in Spain?
4. Political parties
5. Election campaigns
6. How many seats do you need to form the government?
7. How does an election Sunday work in Spain?

And here you have the transcript together with a list of the most important vocabulary plus its description:

Transcript and vocabulary of podcast 22 – Elections in Spain

Includes the download of a PDF file with the following content:
  • Transcript of podcast 22 – Elecciones en España
  • list of the vocabulary with explanation in Spanish and space for your own language