what are the lessons like?

 Classes take place via Skype or Zoom with:

  • shared screen, shared documents & audiovisual materials.

✎ Learn Spanish at your own pace and adapted to your needs. You decide how fast you want to learn!

We will work all four skills:

  • speaking, listening, writing & reading. 

✎ Exercises are optional:

  • they will be provided after every lesson and corrections before the next one.

✎ Spanish will be used throughout the entire lesson.

  • For beginners and if asked for by the student, English or German can be used to complete explanations or to clarify doubts.

✎ Since I am from Spain, I teach peninsular/European Spanish.



You will need to have:


✎ A desktop/laptop computer.

✎ Headphones (to prevent acoustical feedback) or a headset if your computer does not have a built-in microphone.

✎ A webcam if your computer does not have a built-in one.

✎ Fast Internet connection (no dial-up).

✎ Classes with Skype: you need the latest version of Skype (it is free).

✎ Classes with Zoom: you don't need an account on Zoom. I will send an email invitation containing the link to the virtual classroom. You just click the link and we can start.

✎ Google Drive: you just need a Gmail account (Google Account) to access Google Drive. They are free

  • This is essential to work on documents simultaneously during class and to share your class documents.

Contact me for more information or check the FAQ section.