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Language · 21. mayo 2020
The present simple is the first verb that you usually learn when you start with your Spanish lessons. Conjugation is something that students find difficult, boring and annoying, but it is necessary if you want to speak and be understood. Here you have the information you need to learn how to conjugate the present simple of the regular verbs. Includes a free infographic to download.

Language · 24. febrero 2020
Students always mix up the verbs “quedar” and “quedarse” when talking or writing in Spanish. There are several reasons for this. The normal and reflexive forms are confusing for students when they are used differently in their own languages. In addition, these verbs have quite a lot of different meanings. Confusion and questions are bound to arise!

Language · 01. octubre 2019
The conjugation of the "presente de indicativo" is not always regular. In another blog post, I have already talked about the regular conjugation and the different endings. Here, I am going to explain the vowel changes that some verbs have. These vowel changes take place on the root of the verb. I hope that the following explanation will help you to learn better the verbs' conjugation.

Language · 04. julio 2019
La conjugación del presente simple de indicativo es una de las primeras cosas que aprendes cuando comienzas con tus clases de español. Conjugar los verbos es algo que muchos alumnos consideran difícil y aburrido. En este artículo tienes, de forma muy resumida, la información necesaria para poder conjugar verbos regulares en presente simple de indicativo.