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Culture · 07. agosto 2020
The summer in south Spain is hot and you feel like drinking refreshing things. The "horchata" is one of the favourite summer drinks and, in my region (Comunidad Valenciana), it is a tradition. It has even a commemorative day for it: on the 6th July the “Día de la horchata i la chufa de Valencia”. Here you have a text about this delicious drink. Listen to the podcast to practice even more!

Culture · 19. marzo 2020
Father's Day is the day when we honour our fathers. In Spain, it is celebrated on March 19. Read this text to learn a bit more about this date and listen to the podcast to practice your listening skills.

Language · 24. febrero 2020
Students always mix up the verbs “quedar” and “quedarse” when talking or writing in Spanish. There are several reasons for this. The normal and reflexive forms are confusing for students when they are used differently in their own languages. In addition, these verbs have quite a lot of different meanings. Confusion and questions are bound to arise!

Language · 26. septiembre 2019
¿Do you know how to ask for the time in Spanish? Here you have an explanation to learn or refresh your knowledge about the time. You will be prepared to talk about the time and timetables!

Language · 06. septiembre 2019
Are you familiar with the ground rules of the Spanish accent marks? Do you have problems with them? Here you have a short post with the basic accent rules.