What can you read? - ¿Qué puedes leer?

What can I read? Can you recommend me a book? Can I read a "normal" book?

 Students ask me these questions very often. My answer? Well, you can read a book, magazines, online articles, etc. Everything is good if it helps you to practice your Spanish and acquire more vocabulary.

 I recommend topics you enjoy, like and are interested in, so that it is more easy, enjoyable and you don't quit too soon. Because, quitting reading in a foreign language it's very common and it happens quite fast when a student gets bored with the topic.

Reading is very important to improve your language skills. 

Regarding books, you can read:

1. Graded books, which are texts adapted to the different learning levels. 

2. Regular books, which are preferable from B1 (intermediate) level on.


What kind of topic?

 Anything you like and enjoy would be perfect.

You have to enjoy!

La lectura es muy importante para mejorar el nivel del idioma.

 Con relación a los libros, puedes leer:

1. lecturas graduadas: textos adaptados a los niveles de aprendizaje.

2. libros regulares: opción es preferible a partir del nivel B1 (intermedio).


¿Sobre qué tema?

 Cualquiera que te guste y con el que pases un buen rato será ideal.

¡Tienes que disfrutar!