Single lessons & Packages

What can you learn?

General SPANISH (All Levels)

  • Learn Spanish form the beginning or continue where you left it and acquire the skills to interact in real-life situations!

Lessons will include all the necessary aspects: speaking, grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening skills and cultural topics. But everything will be always adapted to your needs, your goals and your interestsPRICES & BOOKING


CONVERSATION (LEVELS: Intermediate, advanced)

  • Speak, speak, speak! And become fluent in Spanish!

Improve your oral skills by practising your speaking and listening with practical exercises that will help you express yourself with confidence. The lessons will be topic based so that we learn vocabulary from different areas.  PRICES & BOOKING


spanish for specific purposes (LEVELS: INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED)

  • Do you need to use Spanish in very specific situations? Then, that is the type of course you need.

Are you in contact with Spanish speaking customers and need to speak Spanish at work? Are you travelling or moving to a Spanish speaking country?

Acquire the necessary skills to interact in specific situations. PRICES & BOOKING

exam preparation / dele exams (LEVELS: INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED)

  • Is your DELE exam or any other Spanish test near? 

Prepare yourself for an exam or for the internationally recognised DELE exams!

You will learn how to approach the reading, writing and listening exercises and I will prepare you for the speaking part.  PRICES & BOOKING


  • Personalised material.
  • Homework and corrections (optional).

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group lessons

Do you want to learn together with a friend? Or maybe together with some colleges?

Create your own group and let´s start!

  • Max 4 people.
  • Students must have the same level and goals.
  • Lower session prices.

trial lesson

Still not sure if online lessons are the best way for you to learn Spanish? Book a 25 minutes trial lesson (1€).

  • We will talk about your needs and expectations.
  • I can assess your level.
  • Experienced how lessons are going to be like.
  • Discover if you would like to learn online.