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Gazpachos a la Marinera
Food & Drink · 01. febrero 2021
Gazpachos a la Marinera is a dish cooked in a "caldero" (big pot) with fish, seafood, bread and broth. The name also reminds of the cold soup named "gazpacho", but it is quite different. Read and listen about this delicious dish and practice with the interactive exercises. Try the recipe!

Food & Drink · 09. mayo 2020
A flan is a kind of pudding that everybody in Spain knows. It has a typical form as is made traditionally in a round form and it is always top with a caramel sauce. Want to try it? Keep reading!

Food & Drink · 28. marzo 2020
Tapas are dishes served to share with the rest of the party, but also a small plate for just one person. You can find them in every corner of Spain, presented in manifold ways but always tasty. "Ensaladilla rusa" is a very traditional tapa. However, every region has its own ensaladilla recipe, as well as every family.

Food & Drink · 09. diciembre 2019
Gazpachos manchegos is a winter dish cooked in a "caldero" (big pot) with meat, bread and broth. The name also reminds of the cold soup named "gazpacho", but it is quite different. Read about this delicious dish and try the recipe.

Food & Drink · 01. noviembre 2019
All Saints' Day is a Christian festival that it is traditional celebrated in Spain. In this blog post, I describe what we typically do during this day. In addition, you have the recipe of a typical sweet that is prepared specially for this day.

Food & Drink · 29. agosto 2019
Most of you have already heard about or tasted the wine of Rioja. It has a long history going back to the Middle Ages and it is very popular in Spain. This summer, I spend a week in the regions where the vineyards grow, visited several wineries, learned about how they produce the wine, enjoyed the food, the scenery, and visited marvellous monuments. Practice your Spanish reading skills with a text describing characteristics of the wine and the region. Learn vocabulary about wine and tourism.

Food & Drink · 22. julio 2019
The summer in south Spain is hot and you feel like drinking refreshing things. The "horchata" one of the favourite summer drinks and it is a tradition in the Comunidad Valenciana. It has even a commemorative day for it: on the 6th July the “Día de la horchata i la chufa de Valencia” is celebrated in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Here you have some information about this delicious drink that was part of my childhood.